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Adventuras en la Busqueda, Jafolla

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Adventures on the Quest

Adventures on the Quest by R and M Jafolla
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The Why

Knowing what we should be and do is not enough. That's the easy part. We have to put theory into action if we expect to make positive changes in our lives. And this, while requiring some attention, will be richly rewarding as well as enjoyable.

Adventures on the Quest can help you translate your growing spiritual awareness into your daily thoughts and actions. Each adventure explores a different aspect of universal truth. And it's all done clearly and simply.

We wrote Adventures on the Quest as a companion to The Quest. Filled with modern illustrative stories that are fun and engaging, stimulating and thought-provoking, this book is ideal for individuals as well as groups.

The How

1. "Soul Talk" gets you started on each adventure by affirming the truth about yourself.

2. "Soul Thoughts" from your own inner wisdom that you record in your special notebook or journal.

3 "Activities" allows you to put theory into action by giving you practical exercises.

4. "Off the Main Trail" has activities for extra growth mapped out for you if you are courageous enough to step out of the mainstream for a bit.

5. "Stepping-Stone" brings each adventure to a close by making a simple change in your lifestyle.

Like all of our books, this one offers simple and practical help for making your life better while having fun along the way.

Adventures on the Quest, like its companion book The Quest, is published in Spanish.
Da el proximo paso hacia las evolucio de tu alma--ebtra en Aventuras en la Busqueda

"One thing straight from the get-go...this is not a religious exercise. It's spiritual, reflecting the inner spirit in all of us--the search for a higher power...The authors very carefully planned solid benefits one week at a time. Together with the guidebook this could deliver a new life."

"The material is simple on one hand, and of great depth and challenge on another...While this journey in Spirit is for the student in you, it is also fun and adventurous."
Neal Clark Reynolds. Reviewer for AMAZON.com

Adventures on the Quest
Published by Unity Books, Unity Village MO
ISBN - 0-87159-191-X
The Quest (companion book to Adventures on the Quest)
ISBN - 0-87159-190-1