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How to Start Your Life in a New Direction

When you're at Possibility Junction you have unlimited options before you. The best plan is to move forward one small step at a time. Select one tiny change in your life to work on and focus only on that one. Don't let the simplicity of this fool you into thinking it doesn't work--it does..
unlimited options before you at Possibility Junction

Fired up and ready to go

Slamming and banging and screeching and clanging--during the night when most of us are asleep, railroad yards come rumbling to life. Freight
cars are uncoupled, shifted, then re-coupled to form new trains. It's a loud, long, laborious process until the newborns are ready to roll. Finally, with the steady hum of iron wheel on iron rail, each newly assembled train builds up speed and glides smoothly out of the yard to its new destination.

Has your life sometimes seemed like a train in reconstruction--rearranging here, backing up there, and awkwardly banging into immovable objects? If your life bears any resemblance to a freight yard, consider it a positive phase of re-adjustment.

Sending a message to the universe

Your very recognition of being at Possibilitiy Junction--the threshold of a new beginning--is a most auspicious sign, a statement not only to yourself but to the universe as well. "I'm ready!" All the "freight cars" of your life are linked up and ready to roll forward.

Old tracks don't matter

A train newly assembled out of assorted cars doesn't care where those individual cars had traveled in the past--where they had been or what they'd experienced. None of that matters now because each new train is entirely new, starting fresh and ready to go places it has never gone before. If you are at Possibility Junction your life, like the train, is actually starting over. What happened in the past--what "tracks" you traveled--are not important now. It's where you go from here that counts.

As you begin to glide smoothly down this new track, be open to discovering greater peace in your life and to expressing more kindness than you have in the past. For now just be open to the possibility.

A tiny change to make today

Let the first step of your new life be a change in your daily routine. A tiny change is all you need to make a fresh start. TINY! (So tiny it might seem ridiculous.) Select one of the following, accomplish it before the day is over, and then continue with it for an entire week:

  • Loudly sing a song in the shower
  • Take a different route to work or school or market
  • Do some physical exercise
  • Try holding the fork in the opposite hand when you eat
  • Put on the other shoe first
  • Smile at yourself in the mirror
You get the idea...To make a change in your life you have to do something new. Sounds simple, we know, but how else can you change if you don't change something?
It's a start
. .