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Possibility Junction
Crossroads of what was and what can be

You are at Possibiltiy Junction
On ancient maps all uncharted lands were referred to as terra incognita--unknown territory. Imagine if no one had dared to venture into these regions. The "new world" with all its rich possibilities would never have been discovered.

A "new world" is waiting to be discovered in you--an uncharted land rich in vast possibilities for joy and peace and better health and abundance.

Sensational news

It doesn't matter what has gone before because life is not limited to the past. Think of the evolution of civilization--if we were not able to create and go beyond what was, we would all still be living in caves, eternally bound to the past and repeating our thoughts and actions over and over in an endless loop.

But this is not the case, because what can be is not bound by what was. And that has to be the most freeing concept anyone can imagine. In fact, it's the very nature of creation to make "new" and "better." The implication of this is absolutely awesome.

The creative process of the universe is just that--a creative process, not restricted by whatever you've experienced in the past. The laws of our universe allow you to start over as many times as you wish. Just as a chalkboard can be erased forever, you can forever start fresh with a clean slate because each moment of your life you are at Possibility Junction and the road ahead is teeming with options.

Allow the process to work

The creative process of the universe is designed to create, but it cannot work alone. It needs people through which to work--it needs you. You have a universal intelligence within you, your own personal inner wisdom that you can count on to guide your life in new and wonderful ways. There's only one requisite--you must be willing to let its process work through you. If you do, you will find things beginning to work in ways that "just feel right."

Don't allow the negative situations all around us to discourage you. You can do something about your own life.

A direct route

No matter how far you may have detoured "off the path," a mighty inner wisdom is always there ready to show you a direct route back to where your happiness lies. When you realize you stand at Possibility Junction--crossroads of what was and what can be--your spirit lifts with a feeling that everything will be all right.
Always remember, what was does not have to be what is.

For the serious seeker only

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