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"Finally a concept of prayer I can believe in and practice."
Bill Boyd

The Quest for Prayer

The Quest for Prayer, by Richard & Mary-Alice Jafolla
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The need to connect

This book can help you understand what prayer is, why we pray, whether prayers are always answered, and beyond. You will find comfort and inspiration within its pages. More and more, most of us are feeling a need to connect with one another on a spiritual level.

The Quest for Prayer
presents new insights into prayer and the importance of employing this powerful practice in today's troubling and troubled times.

A hidden quest going on

Pieces of the past are falling away and things are moving more toward commonality than difference. Yes, in spite of the alarming events of recent history, underneath the surface a global synthesis is coalescing and it feels "right." Heading home...moving toward oneness. It's the way of the world. We are witnessing the coming together of a worldwide community.

This global community being established is not a political one or an economic one, a racial one or a religious one. It is a spiritual one. It is a worldwide community of people who pray, because prayer is one thing common to people everywhere. Prayer can take many forms, but the intentions can be the same.

Fresh insights on an ancient practice

The journey we are on to rediscover our spirituality leads us finally back to ourselves. Do you, yourself, not long to come home to the sanctuary of peace within your own soul? Are you searching for a trail that will lead you there? Prayer is that trail.

The Quest for Prayer has a very special place in our own hearts because it acknowledges and reflects this growing global community of people who pray. It presents prayers from every corner of the world and every kind of civilization, from the very simple to the more formal. How beautiful they are. They touch our hearts each time we read them, and they will touch yours as well.

The Quest for Prayer
Published by Unity Books, Unity Village MO
ISBN - 0-87159-241-X