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Hello, Friend!

It is not by chance that we meet. Your search to satisfy the longing in your heart has led you here. What you hold in your hand is not a "book" in the usual sense--not a course of learning but a process. THE QUEST is a process of remembering the truths that have been hidden in the ancient forests of your mind. It is the next step in the evolution of your soul, which spirals ever upward in the re-discovery of its spiritual self. It is a journey which can transform your life far beyond any good that you can now envision.

No more will you have to feel empty and lost, without hope, without direction. No more will your soul cry out in despair, "Is Anybody there?" Never again will you scan the heavens with anxious eyes searching for a sign--some lifeline to grab which will rescue you once and for all. In many ways, THE QUEST is a coming home. You've been expected.

When Michelangelo was asked how he could carve his magnificent "David" out of a shapeless block of marble, he replied that David had always been in the stone. A sculptor merely had to remove what was NOT David.

THE QUEST will not "teach" you anything. Rather, it will help you to remove all that is not the REAL you. It will help the divine part of you to emerge, just as the statue, imprisoned in the marble for so long, was finally allowed to emerge.

Before we go any further, we'd like to put your mind at ease by telling you that this is not a study of philosophy or science or religion. It is a quest for the eternal truth behind all philosophy, all science, all religion - behind everything. It deals with universal spiritual roots, common to all humankind. Our priority? Inner transformation rather than dogma and intellectual exercise. Our emphasis? Practice more than theory, purpose more than goals.

THE QUEST is for sincere seekers everywhere who are ready to discover the Power within them, and Its incomparable ability to heal, comfort, and prosper. The process is for those who are prepared to make a genuine commitment to the transformation this discovery brings, and who will be faithful to the discipline required to complete the journey.

No matter what your circumstances, no matter what the past or present, there has always been the hope of connecting with "something more." Somehow, somewhere tucked away in the attic of your soul, a part of you has always considered the possibility of that connection and yearned for it. Sometimes the yearning was strong and urgent. Sometimes it was so remote and hidden that it was not even identifiable. But it was always there.

Perhaps, as you read these words, something within you stirs. "Could it be that these words were written for me? Have I reached the point in my life where I must get serious about my own spiritual evolution?"

Perhaps you have, Friend. Perhaps it is now your turn.
If you feel yourself being drawn to the miracle-working process of THE QUEST, we invite you to join us as a kindred spirit on the Path. We travel light - no need to bring a lot of intellectual and emotional baggage with you. This will be a spiritual journey. There is but one simple necessity: your sincere desire to know God. Nothing more is required.

You stand at the gate. The Spirit of Life is alive and well, and living in you! It is longing to express itself through you and AS you in new and marvelous ways. You can let it...Now.

Our blessings are with you.
Richard & Mary-Alice Jafolla

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