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"Here is a rare road map
that can guide and
comfort you...

The Greatest Miracle in the World,
The Greatest Salesman in the World

Also published in Spanish.
La Busqueda es un
proceso--un viaje--que
puede transformar tu.

Busqueda, Un Viaje de Redescubrimiento Espiritual

The Quest
A Journey of Spiritual Rediscovery

Prologue to The Quest, Journey of Spitirual Rediscovery by R and M Jafolla
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Yearning for a Connection

Tucked deep within us, a part of us has always yearned for a connection with "something more."
The Quest opens the way for that connection.

Etched into our DNA

The story of the quest is an ancient theme, part of the heritage of all humanity and striking a familiar chord in every heart that ever beat. We chose The Quest for the title of the book because it represents something so deep within us all that it is etched into our very DNA.

Before we go further we'd like to put your mind at ease by telling you this is not a study of philosophy or science or religion. It is a quest for the eternal truth behind all philosophy, all science, all religion--behind everything. The Quest is for sincere seekers who are ready to discover the power within them and its incomparable ability to heal, comfort, and prosper.

Striking a chord in every heart

In every era of history and in every culture, people have created and cherished the story of a hero or heroine whose life is transformed by traveling on a special journey. From primitive myth and beloved folktales to literary classics and modern science fiction, we humans continue to identify with this journey and its quest for the prize.

Why is it we are so drawn to stories of the quest? Because they are symbolic of our own journeys through life, with challenges to overcome and the ultimate prize to capture. These stories do not belong solely to their heroes or heroines, they belong to us all. They are your story. You are the champion of your own quest.

Compelling quest stories inspire and encourage us because they strike a chord within our own hearts--hearts which have been waiting for a call to action. We are fascinated by the heroes and heroines of the legends, secretly yearning to emulate their victories and to set forth on our own quests, achieving our own transformations. We're especially heartened when a real-life individual triumphs over great hardships. We feel good, since we know what one person can do, others can also do.

Isn't this what you really want?

We each have our own visions of what our prize should be. You have yours. But the truth is that in essence our quests are all the same--to know and to experience a greater power in our lives that enables us to be authentic. Although we might not realize it, this is what we all want. (Isn't this, after all, what you really want?)

When Michelangelo was asked how he could carve his magnificent David out of a shapeless block of marble, he replied that David had always been in the stone. A sculptor merely had to remove what was not David! The Quest will not "teach" you anything. Rather, it will help you remove all that is not the real you. It will help the sacred part of you to emerge, just as the figure of David, imprisoned in the marble for so long, was finally allowed to emerge.

The sprit of life is alive and well and living in you.

No matter your circumstances, no matter what the past or present, you are right this moment standing at Possibility Junction. The spirit of life is alive and well and living in you! It is longing to express itself through you in new and marvelous ways. If you feel drawn to pick up your walking stick and journey forth on your own quest for a better life, we invite you to take The Quest with you as your guide. Like all of our books, The Quest is packed with practical, clear and simple help for making your life better.

Read the Prologue to The Quest
Read Chapter One of The Quest

The authors are to be commended for bringing out a roadmap for our spiritual journey, something the world has needed..."

"The Jafollas are known for their monumental spiritual aid THE QUEST."
Neal Clark Reynolds, reviewer for AMAZON.com

"This book is about waking up, about finding who you really are. If you've ever wanted to know, read THE QUEST. These ideas are expressed beautifully, simply, and powerfully by Richard and Mary-Alice."
LARRY DOSSEY, M.D., Author --
Healing Words, Prayer Is Good Medicine, Recovering The Soul, Beyond Illness

"For all those seeking new meaning in their lives, I strongly recommend this book."
C. NORMAN SHEALY, M.D., Ph.D., Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association

"The two Quest books' upbeat, contemporary approach to exploring the spiritual life has already captivated thousands,
and the word is spreading quickly."

The Quest
Published by Unity Books, Unity Village MO
ISBN - 0-87159-190-1
$19.95 USA
Adventures on the Quest (companion book to The Quest)
ISBN - 0-87159-191-X
$17.95 USA

Set of both books $29.95