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Hi, Friend -

Ever wonder about yourself--who you are, how others perceive you, and your relationship to other people, to the universe, to God? (And who or what is God anyway?) Where do you fit into it all? What is your role? How do you deal with what's going on around you? And then the one we all ask: "Why am I here?"

It's natural to ask these questions, to dig around for explanations and from time to time give a bit of heavy-duty thought to them. But can any of us ever really come up with the definitive answers to issues of such magnitude? We personally believe as Brian Greene, world-renowned string theory physicist, does. He describes an "aha" moment he experienced as a teenager while riding a subway: "I was feeling that way that adolescents sometimes get. You know--'What does it all mean? What is life all about?' The usual questions. And I remember thinking, ‘Well, people have thought about these issues for ages, and it's not likely that I'm going to have any answers.' But it did occur to me that if I was able to get a thorough familiarity of what the questions actually were...I would get a certain kind of satisfaction."

And that's the purpose of this book--to look at some of what is known so we can have the satisfaction of being familiar with what the real questions are. This in itself is a noble pursuit. Sometimes we try to look for complicated reasons and hidden meanings, believing that if something is of great importance it has to be difficult to understand. Not necessarily true. To once again quote Brian Greene, "At rock bottom, there is coherence, a simplicity, an explanatory core to the universe."

This completely revised edition of THE SIMPLE TRUTH is intended to bring a little light to some of the more important questions and help you start putting wheels on what you know. We see the book as a bridge between spiritual ideals and the reality of your present life. To help you commute from one to the other we've constructed each chapter in two parts--The WISDOM and The WHEELS.

The first half of each chapter, The WISDOM, presents a basic universal principle. This is background material for you to read and digest so that, like the food you eat, it literally becomes part of you. While no one would presume any of us are actually living the ideal, completely enlightened life--a life which perfectly mirrors every spiritual principle presented here--at least we can know what we are aiming for.

Once Over Lightly wraps up every WISDOM section, listing the key points of the chapter. Understanding is a necessary step which comes before doing, so read each The WISDOM section before moving on to The WHEELS.

There are two ways to get to the top of an oak tree--climb the tree or sit on an acorn and wait.

The second half of each chapter, The WHEELS, breathes life into the principle. It helps you climb the oak tree. After all, what good is knowing something if you don't put it to use in your life? Each WHEELS contains a:

* Ponder Point designed to get you to examine the principle from different perspectives. Something for you to chew on!

* Warm-ups to help you to "own" the principle and lead you into some simple real-life action.

* Going For It, a little something to make you stretch, mentally and spiritually.

WHEELS is exactly what the name says--it's setting the universal truths into motion in your life and your world. Getting things rolling, so to speak.

You'll notice each WHEELS section begins with a light-hearted quotation. These are reminders that life is meant to be fun, seasoned generously with smiles and laughter, even when--or maybe especially when--we're dealing with the profound!

We hope you enjoy the book and find it helpful. As you journey through its pages, you may discover that your questions and issues are not as complex as you'd imagined, and that underlying everything is a very...Simple Truth!

Our blessings to you,
Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla