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The Simple Truth
Making Sense of God, Life and Other Stuff

The Simple Truth, by R and M Jafolla
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"Why am I here?"

Ever wonder about yourself--who you are, what is your relationship to other people and to the universe and to the power we call God? (And who or what is God anyway?) And where do you fit into it all? What is your role? How do you deal with what's going on around you? And then the one we all ask--"Why am I here?"

An "aha" moment

It's natural to ask these questions. But can any of us ever really come up with the definitive answers to issues of such magnitude? We personally believe as Brian Greene, world-renowned string-theory physicist, does. He describes an "aha" moment as a teenager when he realized people have been pondering these kinds of questions for ages and have not come up with any answers. But it did occur to him that he could at least become familiar with what the questions actually were.

And that's the purpose of The Simple Truth--to look at some of what is known so we can become familiar with what the real questions are. Sometimes we look for complicated reasons and hidden meanings, believing if something is of great importance it has to be difficult to understand. Not necessarily true. To quote Brian Greene, "at rock bottom there is a coherence, a simplicity, an explanatory core to the universe."

How to get rolling

We see this book as a bridge between spiritual ideals and the reality of present life. To help you commute from one to the other, we've constructed each chapter in two parts--The Wisdom and The Wheels. The Wisdom presents a basic universal principle and The Wheels sets that principle into motion in your life--gets things rolling, so to speak.

Keep smiling

Throughout The Simple Truth there are frequent reminders that life is meant to be fun, seasoned generously with smiles and laughter, even when (or maybe especially when) we're dealing with the profound!

If you read the book, we hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. As you journey through its pages you may discover your questions and your issues are not as complex as you'd imagined, that underlying everything is a very...simple truth.

The Simple Truth
Published by Unity Books, Unity Village MO

ISBN - 0-87159-247-9