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The Quest

"The Jafollas are known for their monumental spiritual aid THE QUEST."
Neal Clark Reynolds, reviewer for Amazon.com

"This book is about waking up, about finding who you really are. If you've ever wanted to know, read THE QUEST. These ideas are expressed beautifully, simply, and powerfully by Richard and Mary-Alice."
Larry Dossey, M.D., Author : Healing Words, Prayer Is Good Medicine, Recovering The Soul, Beyond Illness

Here is a rare road map that can guide and comfort you..."
Og Mandino, Author: The Greatest Miracle in the World, The Greatest Salesman in the World

"The authors are to be commended for bringing out a roadmap for our spiritual journey, something the world has needed.."Omega New Age Directory

"For all those seeking new meaning in their lives,
I strongly recommend this book."
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.,
Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association

Adventures on the Quest

"The two Quest books' upbeat, contemporary approach
to exploring the spiritual life has already captivated thousands,
and the word is spreading quickly."

Unity Magazine

"The material is simple on one hand, and of great depth and challenge on another...
While this journey in Spirit is for the student in you, it is also fun and adventurous."

Neal Clark Reynolds, Reviewer for Amazon.com

"One thing straight from the get-go...this is not a religious exercise. It's spiritual, reflecting the inner spirit in all of us--the search for a higher power...The authors very carefully planned solid benefits one week at a time. Together with the guidebook this could deliver a new life."
The Book Reader Magazine"
The Lazarus Blueprint

"Thanks for providing such simply written, easily understood, and profound material.
I facilitated a class on BEYOND LAZARUS, which people found life-changing.
And I've used THE QUEST and THE QUEST FOR PRAYER for classes as well. Keep 'em coming!!"
Tom Wendt, Minister of Unity Church of Crystal Lake, IL

For more reviews, see
The Lazarus Blueprint


"Written from a psychologically sound and spiritually centered perspective,
this is not a religious tract but rather a spirited and earnest book written with humour as well as compassion.
Succinct and to the point, it delivers the sort of straightforward help for which you have been starved.
Expect genuine and even dramatic results."
Ian Miller, publisher - C.W.Daniel Company Ltd

The Quest for Prayer

"Finally!!! A concept of prayer I can believe in and practice. Thanks, Jafollas. "
Bill Boyd, billboydceramics.com