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Nothing in the world is more mysterious, more comoplex, or more private than the landscape of your own soul. You alone traverse its peaks and valleys. You alone have travelled into its dark crevasses and across its sunlit meadows. You alonoe have built its prisons as well as its cathedrals.

While you may not know the route your soul has taken, whatever you are today is a direct result of that route. Right now your soul is a road atlas of your life pinpointing all the experiences, all the beliefs, all the thoughts and feelings you have gathered along the way. Many of these beliefs have caused you to detour or chase down dead ends in attempts to improve your life. and now here you are, daring to hope...just...a...bit and, yes, somewhat deterred by past failures but willling nonethelss to give it yet another try.


Your soul has its secrets. Some of these hidden thoughts and feelings are often the very obstacles preventing you from being the authentic you--the you who would experience more peace, more joy, better health, greater prosperity. Assassins who short circuit your higher self, these obstacles must be removed one by one until you are rid of them. But if you're reading this book chances are there is one major obstacle plaguing you today, one that has brazenly resisted every attempt to get rid of it--a crisis with such a strong hold on you and for such a long time, you wonder if you can ever be free of it. Or it might be a new situation, one that exploded into your life and whose crushing impact has scattered so much debris that you feel you have to dig out from under it before it smothers you.

Maybe it's a physical challenge like heart disease, cancer or arthritis. Or it could be a substance you have allowed to gain control over you like tobacco, alscohol or some other drug, or even food. Or maybe it's a personal relationshiip that has become unbearable. Or have your finances collapsed? Whatever it is, this major obstacle is the one you will work on now.


Since the situation has not responded to anything you've tried so far, obviously a more radical strategy is needed. Time for a very special kind of prodedure, one that offers the potential for permanent removal of the problem, leaving no pain, no scars, and no remorse. TURN-AROUND is such a process.

The TURN-AROUND process takes place in the soul, because any permanent change you make in you life can result only from changes you have made in your soul. Obviously, this is somethng no one else can accomplish for you because only you have access to all the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and memories of past experiences that are recorded in your soul.

TURN-AROUND is a highly personal process--easy to understand, easy to use, and adapts to any lifestyle. We offer it to you in the sincere hope that it will be a blessing to you and that within its pages you will find the help you need to overcome that major challenge and turn your life around.