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Turn-Around certainly turned my life around. I like the way the authors write. Everything is so clear and it seems as if they held my hand throughout my journey. I have read some of their other books and I think they are the best spiritual writers going. Nothing religious. They just make sense about spirit, mind, and body.
Dolly, Staten Island, NY


Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla

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When Your Life Is in Crisis

Help has arrived

Turn-Around: When Your Life Is in Crisis, by Jafolla
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"HELP!!! Positive thinking, positive prayer--I've tried everything, but nothing's changed."

Is that you--desperate to overcome a problem you just can't get rid of?

Since nothing has worked, it's time for something different. Turn-Around offers precisely this different kind of help. The seven steps are brief and to the point. You may be able to avoid reading pages of theoretical ideas or perhaps spending months (maybe years) in self-analysis.

Nobody can wave a magic wand, but if your life is in crisis you can enter into this Turn-Around process with the hope that help has arrived.

Turn your life around

Whatever the situation you face--illness, addiction, financial ruin, unhappy relationship--Turn-Around will be a close companion to hold your hand and take you through the practical steps of overcoming your trauma and transforming your life.

Easy to understand and easy to use, Turn-Around has helped many people. We trust that within its pages you find the help you need to overcome that major challenge and turn your life around.

"Written from a psychologically sound and spiritually centered perspective, this is not a religious tract but rather a spirited and earnest book written with humour as well as compassion. Succinct and to the point, it delivers the sort of straightforward help for which you have been starved. Expect genuine and even dramatic results."
Ian Miller, publisher - C.W.Daniel Company Ltd.

Turn-Around was published in the UK, and foreign rights have been sold to several countries. Because we believe in the genuine help available through this book, we are delighted it is available in the U.S., where it has found new friends.
Published by C.W.Daniel Company Ltd.
Saffron Walden, UK
ISBN - 0-85207-360-7

AMAZON $13.95 USA...6.99 UK