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Turn-Around: When Your Live Is in Crisis, by Jafolla
The Quest, A Journey of Spiritual Rediscovery, by Jafolla Adventures on the Quest, by Jafolla Quest for Prayer, by Richard & Mary-Alice Jafolla The Simple Truth: Making Sense of God, Life and Other Stuff, by Jafolla

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The Lazarus Blueprint
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The Lazarus Blueprint
The Quest
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The Quest for Prayer
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Welcome. You're at Possibility Junction,
the crossroads of what was and what can be

Did you know every day of your life you are at Possibility Junction, with infinite choices before you? Would you like to improve some area of your life--spiritual or emotional or physical--but don't know where to start? Maybe you've read books or attended seminars and tried different techniques but gave up because they were too complicated or too boring or too hokey? They just "weren't you"? You are not alone. We've been there ourselves.

But we are happy to report that our years of study and professional experience have provided us with some profound yet simple techniques for creating a better life, and we are pleased to share these with you. No complicated theories or unrealistic advice. Just to-the-point, easy-to-grasp ideas you can relate to and feel comfortable using.

You can start improving your life right now

If you are serious about making some changes (don't worry, nothing drastic) that can improve every aspect of your life, an easy place to start is by clicking on our "What Is Possibility Junction?" page. You'll get a good sense of the kind of help available to you. Hype and "fou-fou" and glitz are not our style. Our interest is in presenting down-to-earth help you can trust and can use with good results.

We are here to offer you practical, solid, realistic help that so many readers say "feels right." Genuine help, so you can take yourself in the direction that's best for making your life better.

Life-changing help you can that works

If you've always believed that somewhere there had to be help you could trust, relate to and understand--help that would work--we invite you to browse through our collection of books. All are best sellers. Whatever aspect of your life you want to improve, perhaps you will discover something here that offers the help you need.

Life can be enjoyable...and things can keep getting better because you are always at
Possibility Junction, so every day is a fresh start. What a gift that is!!!

Thank you for visiting us.
Mary-Alice and Richard

El Modelo de Lazaro
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The Lazarus Blueprint en español
Secretos antiguos para la curacion y la pas interna